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Get ready for Gin & Tonic!

Our foal brother and sister Gin and Tonic were born only a couple of weeks apart this Spring. They are both by our mare Xtra Ordinaire and show jumping star Cartani. Having them both in the same season was made possible by embryo transfer with Gin's surrogate mommy being our gentle Irish sport horse Rita.

Big sister Gin will soon be grey like her father while younger brother Tonic is a beautiful chestnut like his mother. While Gin was a little shy to start with, both foals are now big adventurers. They are an inseparable duo of investigators who love big cuddles and bottom scratches.

The two have a great pedigree with jumping sires Comme Il Faut and Perigueux on their mother's side and stallion Cartani as their father. Their mother Xtra Ordinaire was held back from jumping herself by an injury but showed great technique, scope and respectfulness. Her temperament is a little nervous - hence the nickname Wibble - but both foals seem to come more after their father who is known to be sensible and gentle.

We can't wait to see what this adorable sibling duo has in store for us!

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