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Frosty Spring mornings

We've had some beautiful frosty mornings with the horses this Spring. When the weather is this lovely in April they stayed out even when it still got a bit colder at night.

We loved seeing how relaxed the mares were in the herd. Our two newcomers, Cornet Obolensky filly Secret and trotter mare Viva, had already become part of the group.

Our mares Xtra Ordinaire and Rita were about to give birth back then. Rita being the first, carrying a foal by Xtra Ordinaire and stallion Cartani. We were very happy that both first time mothers gave brith to healthy foals!

Mare Ninaleska CH is already two this year! We can't believe how fast she's grown up from being a tiny filly only two winters ago.

Being the daughter of Balou de Rouet and granddaughter of Sheraton, we have high expectations of what she can do. We're very excited for her to take her first little steps towards becoming a show jumper this year!

We love seeing how relaxed the mares are in the herd. Sweet trotter mare Viva who bought to do embryo transfer has been already become part of the group.

She's tricky to catch and still very shy but slowly getting used to a lifestyle of carrots and cuddling.

In April our mare Xtra Ordinaire, nicknamed Wibble for her quivering lip, was still in foal by jumping sire Cartani. Her little colt Tonic was born in May, less than a month after his foal sister Gin.

Wibble has excellent jumping technique but is quite a nervous character, so we're curious what this combination with Cartani will bring.

We're putting Mare Baloca in foal for the first time this year to stallion Eldorado van de Zeshoek TN. We were lucky enough to use AI on her just before the spread of COVID-19.

Baloca is a careful and tentative horse who has already successfully competed to 1.30 m in Germany.

Here's mare Ninaleska CH again in the morning sun. She has the sweetest character - very curious, friendly and careful at the same time. She's still got some growing to do but we've been letting her try her first fences loose jumping and we'll start getting her used to the saddle this summer.

Here are yearling Xtra Altitude and broodmare Baloca peacefully grazing in the first morning light.

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