Fillies growing up | Xtra Smart

We can't believe how much our yearlings have grown! Xtra Smart is the smallest and youngest of our 2019-born fillies but she easily wins out on curiosity, her disregard for personal space and the desire for bottom scratches! 😄

Smartie is by our mare Xtra Authentic and famous show jumping sire Chacgrano. Small but fierce, we're excited for what this youngster brings to the table.

Our girl Xtra Smart photographed this Spring. You can't tell from the photo yet but this filly is going to be grey!

Xtra Smart in September 2019 when she was only a few months old. We can't believe how much she has grown since then!

The foals enjoying their first mornings out in the field this Spring after it was finally dry enough to let the herd stay out. Xtra Smart with a big yawn and filly Xtra Altitude (Chacgrano x Classic Cliche XX) in the background.

Xtra Smart and her mother Xtra Authentic, nicknamed Jemima at home. Jemima (Hermes d'Authieux x Alcatraz) has already competed to 1.30m before having her first foal.

Xtra Smart, nicknamed Smartie, is giving filly Secret a good scratch. Mutual grooming is important for horses to form bonds in the herd.

The last one - Xtra Smart at the little photoshoot we did with her in March 2020. To read more about Smartie and our other horses visit our breeding page.

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