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Xtra Chevaux is a family business at heart, owned and run by Violet and Paul Adams and their team of dedicated staff, with a focus on breeding and training young horses for a career in international Show Jumping and Eventing.


After working with horses in the military for over a decade, Xtra Chevaux was founded in 2007 when the family moved to Normandy in France to be able to run their own facilities and provide high quality Equine Services.

Xtra Chevaux has clients worldwide and has bred and sold internationally successful Eventing and Show Jumping horses such as Algorithm, Xtra Chacco, Sieco, Ronaldo 21 and Xtra Authentic. As a first class equestrian centre Xtra Chevaux prides itself on offering training and livery solutions that are tailor-made for the needs of individual horses and their owners, in addition to top quality breeding and horse finding services.

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